Gino D’Urbano

President & Co-Founder


With over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Gino has held senior leadership positions with a strong focus in building cohesive and high-functioning teams. In addition, Gino’s career has seen many successes including the launching of major pharmaceutical products in Canada and successfully implementing strategic planning processes that have guided companies to set clear strategic direction.  

"Attracting your most valuable talent requires clarity of direction, patience, persistence, and, most of all, building trusting relationships."    

Gino holds a B. Comm from Concordia University and completed Graduate studies at McGill University in E-Commerce.


dan copy.png

Dan D’Urbano

Partner & Co-Founder


Dan D'Urbano is a trusted advisor on executive search, management appraisal and employee development. He plays a key role in MV Talent's exclusive e-Commerce, Technology, Retail and Aviation practices. 

"I love seeing a relationship flourish and I believe the only way to achieve this is by establishing trust. Trust is imperative to my success as a search consultant. It requires patience, transparency and devotion, but over time it yields the best talent and best people decisions."

Prior to co-founding MV Talent, Dan was a Human Resource Advisor and Talent Acquisition Partner within the aviation, retail and tech industry. In that role, he focused on senior-level recruitment, employee relations, HR compliance, organizational design and organizational development. 

Dan holds a BA from McGill University.